Vacation time is always a time for exceptions – the daily schedule is different and we don’t follow the same routines we have at home. Food is always a big topic for me because I want to try the local cuisine, not to mention the fact that ice cream is around every corner in summer. What about you? Do you remember your last summer vacation or have you already been on vacation this year?

Have you ever thought that you need another holiday to relax after your summer trip?

Are your clothes a bit tight after two weeks of an All-inclusive-trip with free booze and all-you-can-eat buffets?

Keep these tips in mind on your next holiday so you don’t totally get thrown off from your usual habits:

  1. Stay in accommodations, like a flat or hostel, that are equipped with a kitchen. You can prepare healthy meals yourself and, even if you don’t like to cook, you have a place to cut up some fruit for a snack or make a yummy breakfast.  Not eating out for every meal is great for both your wallet and your waistline!
  2. Try to stay away from buffets. We tend to eat a lot more when we don’t have to “pay” for each single item, so “it’s worth it”. But they won’t give you back any money if you eat more. If you are eating from buffets, put only a few things on your plate. This way, you need to get up and have some time to wonder if you’re still hungry before having your next plate.
  3. It’s summer. It’s hot. Now, it’s even more important to stay hydrated. Start your day with a glass of water right after getting up and carry a bottle of water wherever you go. In restaurants, always pair your soda, juice or alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.
  4. Next to your water bottle, carry some healthy snacks with you like nuts, seeds or protein bars. They are a quick fix against hunger, so you don’t need to stop for cake or ice cream every day.
  5. Explore local markets to get some fresh and healthy food. This is a great way to try new things that you don’t get at home. Or, just pick an apple because this is easy to eat on the go.
  6. Listen to your body – what do you need today? Relaxation, exploration, sports? Whatever it is: this is your vacation! You are allowed to plan your day as you prefer, you don’t need to see all the sights and you don’t need to try every restaurant. Do what you want, take breaks as you need. You make your rules.
  7. Walking is a great way to relax after dinner and ease digestion. It gives you time to think about your day and calm down before going to bed – and maybe you come across a place you want to visit the next day.

Start with picking one or two new habits for your upcoming vacation and add more for the next one. Then celebrate yourself!