Last year, I gave up alcohol overnight. It wasn’t hard at all and I haven’t been drinking for more than a year now. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy an occasional drink. I really like sparkling wine, beer and especially Aperol. Actually, I enjoy most drinks.

I did not only give up alcohol but also black and green tea, cheeses made from raw milk, mould cheese, salami, kipper and sushi. Sometimes I was really annoyed, especially with the cheese and tea. But most of the time, I just avoided the forbidden food. I had gotten pregnant and my doctor and the future baby daddy were very strict about certain foods. Sometimes I think they both were too strict and scared but I followed their rules because it wasn’t so hard.

I know I have the power to change any habit I want to change. It’s mainly a matter of mindset.

It never occurred to me that I could and should give up black tea before getting pregnant. I had about 3 big cups of black tea every day and it didn’t have a bad effect. So I had no reason to give it up. But when I had my reason, it was easy to change. My superpower was the little human growing inside of me. Now, this little human helps me to drink 3 litres of water or infusion every day. It helps me to eat fueling food and avoid too many empty snacks. I want to be fit for my baby and I want to be a role model. My baby is my superpower.  Now I know I have the power to change any habit I want to change. It’s mainly a matter of mindset.

Why is it that we can give up so many things for a tiny human, while we cannot give up habits that we know are bad without a big life change? Why do we need to be responsible for another person before our health and wellbeing start to matter? We can choose to make our bodies, our health, our life, a priority.

It’s not a good type of selflessness when work comes before nourishing food, so we make our boss happy again but chew on some cookies instead of home-cooked veggies. We are allowed to act egotistically when it comes to our health.

What is your superpower? Once you know this, you can change any habit!