There’s a local pop-up doughnut shop, Debrodnik’s, that I’ve been stalking on Twitter for quite some time. Since a doughnut contains all the things I can’t eat (wheat, sugar, dairy), I simply admire the yummy pics on Twitter. Plus, even if I was to go to their pop-up shop, there is usually a line and I can’t be bothered to wait for a single doughnut. Since I lack any kind of willpower, I can’t even consider buying a 1/2 dozen for fear of eating them all myself!

Then came a visit to my local specialty deli. I go there often, but this time something caught my eye. It was a Debrodnik’s doughnut display in the bakery case. I had to stop. There were about a half dozen different flavours, they looked delicious and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

With some hesitation, and feeling a little like a kid stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, I picked out the coconut crème doughnut. I walked home, eager to try out this special treat. The main reason for my visit to the deli was to get something for lunch, but now that I had this doughnut, I couldn’t resist eating it right away. A proper lunch would have to wait.

The verdict? It was a great doughnut. Was it worth all the hype? Not for me. It was a nice treat, don’t get me wrong, but for someone like me who has little willpower, it wasn’t worth what followed.

Having strayed from my regular eating plan, which makes me feel great, I found myself falling quickly into the habit of having a little bite of this, and a little bite of that – all foods that I’ve been avoiding for months. These little bites added up  and lead to weight gain, bloating, and just generally feeling like crap.

So, my message here is this: even though we try our best to eat well every day, we all break the ‘rules’. The key is to really be sure it’s worth it for you, and to not let a one-time indulgence lead you to repeatedly think “just one bite/cookie/slice of cake is ok.”

Be mindful of when you indulge and get right back on track so you can continue feeling great about what you’re eating and the decisions you’re making.