I LOVE big salads. I eat them almost daily. However, I really, really, dislike washing lettuce. I don’t know why, but it’s one of the tasks that I loathe and would rather wash dishes than wash lettuce. Kind of sucks when you eat salads every day; doesn’t it?! I typically buy romaine hearts, which seem to be less dirty, and wash enough to fill a large bowl – which is about 2 – 3 salads  for me. I also buy pre-washed spinach to cut down on washing. I’m sure I should probably wash that too, but I’m lazy and like I said, I hate washing greens.

Big saladI’ve found that Costco has the best price on pre-washed spinach. You can buy a large container for almost half the cost as at the grocery store. I also enjoy the Baja Chopped Salad they carry. I don’t use the dressing but find the mix – cabbage, romaine, carrots, pumpkin seeds, tortilla strips, cilantro – to be the perfect addition to my salads. The cabbage and carrots add a little bit of crunch, and the seeds and tortilla strips provide a little salt. Another staple that I always get at Costco are the pre-cooked beets – best find EVER! If you like beets but hate washing and peeling them, then this is the perfect thing for you. The beets come in a vacuum sealed package and are perfect if you want to add a few to a salad, eat them alone, or roast them in the oven.

As you can probably guess, my salads usually start with spinach and/or romaine, the chopped Baja salad and beets. I then vary the add-ons; which usually consist  of walnuts, sometimes additional chopped carrot, chicken or goat cheese. I mix it all up in a big bowl and add my own dressing – usually just oil and red wine or apple cider vinegar. I top it all off with a little salt and pepper, and voila! A delicious salad that can keep me satisfied for a few hours.

Do you have a fave salad combination or dressing? Leave a comment to share 😉